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NFL Football Tickets


The NFL Rankings are out this week from ESPN. You can find them here. Of course it’s still way early in the season and if you went and looked at last season’s rankings at this time I doubt if you’d find the New York Giants anywhere near the top and they won the Super Bowl, the only thing that really matters in the NFL. How many teams would trade that ranking for a ring? All of them.

But NFL rankings are fun things to read and discuss, mostly because they start a lot of arguments. At least where I work they do. Peaceful for the most part but there’s nothing the fan of an NFL team likes better than a good argument. So let’s take a look and see what we can find to discuss this week.

At the top of the poll we find the San Francisco 49ers. At this stage of the game I think they’re the obvious choice. They have a defense few NFL teams can beat and they’re undefeated. So far, so good

Next up we have the Houston Texans, kind of a surprise for me as I think Houston is as yet unproven.

In 3rd place are the Atlanta Falcons. This is totally fantasy land. I think the Falcons are a mirage right now. Agood football team but I’m very hesitant to see them as the 3rd best team in the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers come in 4th. In my mind a little more seasoned team and more of a sure thing than Atlanta. Having lost to San Francisco puts them in 4th and that’s the only reason. They’ll finish higher as the season goes on.

#5 is the New England Patriots despite losing this weekend to the Cardinals. I’m calling bullshit. You lose to Arizona and you gotta drop further than 5. This is a residual effect of past success and in now way reflects current reality. Just saying.

The 6 spot is filled by the Baltimore Ravens. I’m Ok with that ranking.

#7? The Philadelphia Eagles? Are you kidding me? A pair of narrow escapes against lesser teams doesn’t get you the 7 spot.

The New York Giants occupy the 8 spot. This is where those sneaky Giants want to be before they explode later and kick everyone’s butt.

#9 The Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ll live with it.

#10 is the Denver Broncos. I guess I can deal with this. I’m completely undecided on the Denver Broncos. I think they’ll be a mediocre team at best but probably a playoff team because of their defense unless Manning proves me wrong. Which won’t be difficult.


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