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by on October 15, 2013 updated October 15, 2013

NFL tickets once again ripped our hearts out this week, or sent us into spasms of elation. It all depends on what side of the ball you’re on. Anyway, it’s tome to throw out some totally unfounded rankings and try to justify them. The best NFL tickets are always the ones you want.


NFL Football Tickets



Denver Broncos – Even if you’re not a Broncos fan you have to admire the way Denver is playing this season. Few offenses can match what the Broncos are doing and only one other team in the NFL can match what Denver has done so far this season. Win six games.

Kansas City Chiefs – Can the Chiefs really be the second best team in the NFL? Man, that’s a tough statement. They may not be the second best team in the NFL but they’re tied for the best record at 6-0 and that means I have to give them plenty of respect. It’s tough to win six straight games. Give the Chiefs their due until proven otherwise. But I’m beginning to believe this is a 13-3 football team easily.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints blew the win against New England by not being able to run the ball when they had to. Also, as effective as Rob Ryan has made this defense, he was unable to come up with an answer to the quick hitting offense Belichick devised. These things will haunt New Orleans down the line, especially the running game. Right now the’ve been able to overcome these shortcoming but with the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49 ers coming up after a game with Buffalo we’ll see just how good these Saints really are.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle is 5-1 and playing well. This team will win with defense and the pounding style of Marshawn Lynch. Are the Seahawks perfect? No. But they’re as complete an NFL team as you can find.

New England Patriots – Somehow the Patriots get it done. Don’t ask me how.

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