NFL Tickets – Ranking the NFL Now 1st Order of Business

by on September 4, 2013 updated September 4, 2013

I guess this is ranking week. We just spent some time over at out sister site discussing rankings on college football teams so now it’s time to do it in the NFL. It’s some kind of uncontrollable urge that comes on fans of every sport, trying to decide how teams will fare against each other and who is stronger, who’d the best at this or that. Easy comparisons that help us make some sense of the crazy business of the NFL. Until they don’t work and some team upsets a higher ranked team. Then it’s time to retreat. But let’s be clear: The best NFL tickets for you are the tickets that let you see the team you love. Bottom line.

Today we’ll look at the top 5 teams in the NFL as designated by a poll at ESPN and you can find the article here. Below are my thoughts on each team.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle has been picked as the #1 team in the NFL before the first game has been played. No doubt the Seahawks are a very good NFL team and leading contenders for a Super Bowl appearance or at least a playoff run.  But let’s remember they have San Francisco in their division so Russell Wilson and company have a very tough road ahead to justify the top ranking.

Atlanta Falcons – The NFL’s least fearsome playoff quality squad has plenty of backers. They did win a playoff game but somehow the Falcons always get crunched during crunch time. Plenty of believers but plenty to prove.

 San Francisco 49ers – I can see why this pick was made. Rugged defense, fantastic young quarterback. But the curse of a Super Bowl slot hangs over the heads of this 49ers unit. To get back, they have to break the trend and they have to deal with the Seahawks.

 Denver Broncos – The top ranked AFC team and for good reason. Manning makes this team a favorite. And overall, only the Patriots look to be consistent competition for Denver.

 Green Bay Packers – I’m having trouble with this pick at #5. The folks at ESPN love Aaron Rodgers and he’s a great quarterback but I’m wondering where the Packers will get enough defense to pick up slack when the offense isn’t playing well. I’d be wary of Green Bay at #5.


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