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by on April 1, 2014 updated April 1, 2014

 The Philadelphia Eagles made the unusual move of cutting a prime wide receiver in DeSean Jackson. The undercurrent of the move was reported unhappiness with his lifestyle and associates. At the time, there was little doubt that some team out there would be willing to take a chance on a guy who can occupy a defense like Jackson does. Reports are that the team is the Washington Redskins and Jackson is close to signing.


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 Former Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey is visiting New Orleans, where the Saints have one established cornerback and a couple of promising young players competing for the job opposite Keenan Lewis. While Bailey has lost a step he still has to be respected and his leadership might be of some value to a younger defensive back.

 The Johnny Manziel circus continues. Manziel was in good form for his Pro Day but some coaches and scouts seemed put off by the showtime atmosphere. Manziel has no middle ground if you listen to the talk. He’s either going to be a complete bust or the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wouldn’t it be a kicker if he turned out to be a competent but not great NFL quarterback?

 The NFL free agency period is fading away and soon enough we’ll turn to specualting about the NFL draft. There’s plenty of that going on already but as we  all know, you can never get enough of the NFL. the season lasts all year and the news never ends. That what makes NFL tickets the most sought after sports ticket in the country and it’s why we’re here, covering the NFL and offering great deals on every ticket in the game.

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