NFL Tickets – The Problem With Great Quarterbacks

by on February 11, 2014 updated February 11, 2014

┬áThere’s a problem in the NFL with having a great quarterback. More specifically there’s a problem with having a quarterback who’s proven himself great. I know, I know. the argument is that great quarterbacks don’t grow on trees and every team in the NFL is looking for their franchise quarterback. Fine. But once you find him you’ve got a problem if you have to pay him. Let’s look.

Denver Broncos – Denver has what many consider to be the best quarterback in the NFL. But they have to pay him. They made the Super Bowl and lost. No money for offensive linemen that could handle Seattle pass rush.

New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees is another example. He’s led the NFL for years. But his $20 million a year is seriously depleting the Saints ability to build a defense and improve their offensive line.


NFL Football Tickets


New England Patriots – Tom Brady? Three rings but paying him means New England has had a plug and play defense and can’t put everything together.

Baltimore Ravens – Won a Super Bowl with Joe Flaco but mostly because of defense. Once that defense couldn’t be paid, Baltimore fell back to the middle of the pack.


┬áThose are four examples. Who won the Super Bowl? The Seattle Seahawks who aren’t as of yet saddled with a mega contract for Russell Wilson. The 49ers came close and Colin kaepernick is poised to make the big bucks now. Which means San Francisco will probbaly lose some good players. Bottom line? In the NFl you discover a great quarterback, play him early, then trade him off to a team willing to pay big bucks. Then find another one. Having a guy that eats up 20% of your salary cap doesn’t seem to be working anymore.


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