NFL Tickets Present a Stunning Win In New England

by on November 25, 2013 updated November 25, 2013

 If you hate Tom Brady you have even more reason now. Especially if you’re a Broncos fan. Now picture this. You’re in Las Vegas. You have &1,000.00 dollars to your name. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are up 24-0 at halftime. How willing would you have been to bet the whole bundle on the Patriots coming back to win it. Remember, in the first half the Patriots stunk the place up. Obviously not their night, right?

NFL Football Tickets


 Except it was. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots came storming back, took a 31-24 lead, allowed denver to tie, then won in overtime on a foield goal after a Broncos miscue. I can’t even begin to comprehend how this could happen. Talk about a Tale of two Halves. This is the kind of thing that happens, the kind of thing you get to see, when you’ve got the right NFL football tickets in your hand.

 Of course this raises some big questions? Is Bill Billichick that kind of genius? Is Peyton Manning that bad in the cold? Is the ficle finger of fate that fickle. This was a lock. Millions would have bet their houses on the Broncos winning. All would have lost. But if you were that guy crazy enough to get up from the craps table and go place your bet on the Patriots at halftime? My hat is off to you.

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