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NFL Preseason vs Regular Season


The NFL preseason draws to a close and it’s got me thinking, like it makes most football fans think, of the difference between regular season and preseason. they’re both great but for different reasons.

The preseason is a time of excitement as NFL football returns to the forefront.

The preseason also is the first chance we get to see the new faces. Some will become legends. Others will fade into obscurity.

Preseason brings high hopes.

The NFL regular season actually counts though, which can be good and bad.

The regular season is when you find out whether those new guys are the real deal or whether we’ll be moaning about which player we SHOULD have picked.

The regular season is when the coaching acumen comes to the forefront, when strategy and a good game plan can trump talent.

Both the preseason and the regular season are great for any true NFL fan, just for different reasons.

 Week 1 NFL Picks

 Saints at Falcons – Pick the Saints to win straight up but if someone is offering points take the Falcons.

 Vikings at Rams – Gotta take the Vikings since the Rams are already down to a replacement quarterback.

Browns at Steelers –  Call me crazy but I like the Browns to be better than anyone thinks.

Jaguars at Philadelphia – Eagles in a laugher.

 Raiders at Jets – I still don’t think the Raiders have enough to get it done.

 Bengals at Ravens – This is a tough one here but I’m still not sold on the Bengals and on the road. the safe pick is Baltimore.

Bills at Bears – Upset special as Buffalo wins their first.

 Redskins at Texans – Honestly, if Kirk Cousins was starting I’d like the Redskins. I’m not seeing Griffin as running the offense properly or it doesn’t fit his skill set or whatever. I like Houston.

Titans at Chiefs – Oh Man. Take the Chiefs.

Patriots at Miami – Call me crazy but I believe we see the Dolphins take on a sagging Patriots. It has to end in New England sometime.

 Carolina at Tampa Bay – Newton aching with no receivers. Revitalized Buccaneers getting it together for Lovie Smith.

 49ers at Dallas – Do we have to say it? Kaepernick, who has struggled in the preseason, suddenly looks unstoppable.

 Colts at Denver – Tough, tough, pick here but you have to like Manning at home.

 Giants at Lions – The Lions once again get off to a good start.

 Chargers at Cardinals – I like the Cards defense in this one.


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