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by on August 24, 2013 updated August 24, 2013

In a previous post I already pointed out the Seahawks vs Packers game as a good indicator of relative strengths. We’re reaching the biggest pre-season games, #3, the games that usually entail a little more lengthy playing time for NFL players who are in the running for a roster spot. there may be a camp body pr two hanging on but the players on the field for most of the early going are probably in line for a job.

Furthermore, NFL ticket holders are going to see some personality emerge and they’re going to get at least a few solid minutes of play from starters and backups. That means Game 3 is a good indicator. In the Seattle vs Green Bay game we got what I believe is what we’re going to get in the regular season, a very good Seattle team against a very good Packers team and they played pretty much evenly when the starters were on the field.

So let’s see what’s coming up that might shed some light on the 2013 NFL season.


NFL Football Tickets


Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys – It’s my gut feeling that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be a better team in 2013 and may possibly challenge for a division title. If the current regime has turned things around attitude wise and Andy Dalton matures, watch out. At the same time the Dallas Cowboys are stuck in a Jerry Jones rut, one in which he refuses to enlist the aid of the talented football people and continues to make his own decisions. The Cowboys need to prove him right or wrong. I think it’s likely he’ll be proven wrong again as Dallas continues to underachieve.

New Orleans Saints vs Houston Texans – The Texans have a good offense, not a great one, and a good defense, bordering on great. The New Orleans Saints have a great offense and a possibly mediocre defense at best in 2013. It’s going to be interesting to see if New Orleans can get plays out of a receiving group that has Marques Colston, Lance Moore, and a very promising young receiver in Kenny Stills.

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