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There aren’t many things I like better than a good argument and the NFL rankings provided by our friends at ESPN are always the basis for a good dispute. I’m going to pick a few teams and either agree or disagree with the analysis.

Houston Texans– Currently ranked #1 and I can’t find an argument here. They’re undefeated and seemingly carrying major momentum for the fist time in franchise history. The bubble will burst but the Texans are a very good and very deep NFL team.

Atlanta Falcons – As much as I hate to admit it the Falcons are another team currently deserving high accolades. I will say that Atlanta has been a good football team for a couple of years now. But can they win a playoff game?

San Francisco 49ers – At #3 is a team I didn’t see coming. The surprising part is how well the offense is playing.

Minnesota Vikings – With a record of 4-1 and a ranking of #8 the Minnesota Vikings are a surprisingly good team. But, I don’t think they’re that good. I believe they’ll fall.

Philadelphia Eagles – At #11 the Eagles are approaching middle of the pack status, a wound they’ve inflicted on themselves. This could be a 5-0 team if they weren’t so generous in giving up the ball. Seriously.

New Orleans Saints – The Bless You Boys moved up four spaces to #24 in the rankings. They haven’t proven anything to me at this point. Being a consistent winner requires a defense and there isn’t one to be found in New Orleans as of yet.

Cleveland Browns – Being the only winless team in the NFL means you automatically rank #32. But there’s always the Raiders to save you isn’t there?

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