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NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets are ramping up after the excitement created by the NFL draft. As usual we’ll see some movement here but there are already opinions being thrown around about the top teams in the NFL. ESPN has an article that lists the power ranking in the NFL. Let’s take a look at a few teams at the top.

Seattle Seahawks – Ranked at #1. First of all I love the Seahawks although I hate their coach. I must admit they have made huge strides in the last two years, not the least of which is at quarterback. But #1? I don’t know, mainly because the team they outrank is the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers – We now have two teams from the NFC West occupying the two top spots in the power rankings, something I thought I’d never see. And I’m thinking they’ve got the positions reversed. The 49ers have everything they need to get back to the Super Bowl. I may be splitting hairs but I believe San Francisco is more capable than Seattle.

Denver Broncos – Manning may be everything and all that but he’s been surrounded by plenty of talent. How the debacle occurred in the game against the Ravens I don’t know but it was pretty heartbreaking. The Denver broncos should play 2013 with a chip on their shoulder. They blew their chance.

Atlanta Falcons – I hate to be negative. The Atlanta Falcons have a really good football team.  The Atlanta Falcons have also had everything going for them the last two years and they’ve failed miserably. Yes, Atlanta will be a playoff team and once again they will fail miserably. The return of Sean Payton to the Saints means the division is up for grabs again. But in the NFC South that’s the usual state of affairs. The division is open for anyone (except may Carolina) and Atlanta will let down it’s fans.

Green Bay Packers – Picking the Green Bay Packers at #5 is I believe a show of faith in Aaron Rodgers. I’m seeing the reasoning but I’m really hesitant to agree with the pick. In their defense the Packers do look to be a little more run heavy in the coming season and that should allow Rodgers to be much more efficient.


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