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The great Chip Kelly experiment is on in Philly and quite frankly there’s not a soul out there that knows what’s going to happen. Kelly is bringing winning college football expertise to the NFL, schematically, philosophically, and totally. We won’t go into the failure rate of college coaches who make the move into the NFL. They’re not much different than any coach entering a new phase of their career. Some make it some don’t. But there aren’t many who bring the individuality of Chip Kelly.

Kelly has opted to keep Michael Vick on the roster. He’s also kept Nick Foles and drafted Matt Barkley. One of the latter is the long term answer at quarterback for the Eagles but it’s going to be interesting to see how Kelly decides on a playcaller. Vick has been on a down slope, killing his team with turnovers and poor overall play. But Foles hasn’t been great either and Barkley is a total project. Looking across the offensive line we’re getting the sneaky suspicion that the Eagles will be a running team early on, at least until someone on the roster proves he can be trusted to throw the ball. Philadelphia has LeSean McCoy and he’s a viable threat to make plays given some running room. When the do choose to throw, they’ll have good wide receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. At least the Eagles will be difficult to game plan against with so much uncertainty.

The Eagles defense will be put together from bits and pieces and where they’ll come from, or what scheme they’ll use, isn’t really clear. But just about any change is a good thing considering the Eagles got torched time and again last season. A few free agents pickups in the secondary are evident but there aren’t any big names coming in. Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis is under the microscope. The Eagles will probably have a pretty decent offense. The big question is whether Davis can put together an NFL caliber defense with the scraps he was given.



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