NFL Tickets – Overtime Changes?

by on February 28, 2010 updated July 29, 2015

Here’s a rule change by the NFL that I think I could agree with. It’s being reported that the NFL is considering a change to the overtime format that would allow each time at least one possession. I think that’s a good thing. Too many NFL games are being decided by a coin toss in the current overtime format. Although my New Orleans Saints were the beneficiary of this at some point last season, I just believe a win is too hard to get in the NFL just on a lucky guess.

With each NFL team being given one offensive possession, that problem is solved. It also brings up an array of challenges for the coaching staff. Go all out for the touchdown or just gamble on the field goal? Coaches with their back to the wall will have to be better than the guy on the other side. I hope this new NFL overtime rule goes through.

I still think that in overtime each team should get a chance to possess the ball, regardless of whether the first team scores a touchdown or not.

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