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“Real” NFL Officials are Back But


NFL ticket holders have been bitching for weeks about the poor quality of officiating we’ve been getting throughout the pre-season through the first three weeks of the regular season. Honestly, it probably hasn’t been that bad overall, but there have been some major incidents that have enraged bot NFL ticket holders, players, and coaches. The big chalupa came last week with the now infamous “catch or interception” call from the Green Bay vs Seattle game in which one official was captured signalling a touchdown while the other was signalling an interception. After review it was determined a touchdown and all hell broke loose.

What we’ve got to remember in this whole fiasco is that at some point during the review the play was analyzed by a REGULAR NFL official. That’s right, it’s not like the whole thing was put in the hands of former landscapers and hairdressers. An official who was supposedly experienced and employed by the NFL for awhile had a hand in the whole determination of the call. Now there’s a thought on which we can hang some speculation.

If you’d like to join me in a little reality check here let’s look back over the history of the NFL even with the normal crews working the games. Has there ever been a season in which there hasn’t been some kind of controversy? Some kind of call that gets disputed and cause endless amounts of speculation and discussion, not to mention a shift in gambling money? Nope, not in my memory.

Bottom line, it was easy to bitch and moan about these guys because we all knew they were easy targets and wouldn’t be around long enough to make that much of a difference. Oh sure, they may have missed a call or two but even the greatest miss a call or two. Ed Hotchula is a highly respected and very good NFL referee and he’s blown a few, one that cost an NFL team a game. Does anyone remember that we have replay? How do you think that happened?Because NFL officials blow calls. Always have and always will. It’s a human element to the game and can’t be removed. Would anyone have felt better if the NFL had just blown off the first three weeks of the regular season because there were no officials “competent” enough for the game? If that was the case we’d never have an NFL game ever because at some point in all of our lives we’ve seen something called by a guy on the field that we just didn’t like.

Quit bitching about replacement NFL officials and get ready for the bitching about regular NFL officials because it’s coming. You know it. I know it. And they know it.

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