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The Oakland Raiders suffered through a 4-12 season in 2012. To get back to their feared status of the past will take some time. Shedding the legacy of Al Davis in his last decade of seemingly deranged management is the primary job of the new regime. NFL ticket holders will watching this process with interest as the Raiders dump some notable players that Davis overloaded with money. Getting real value for the buck has to be the focus for the Oakland Raiders as they try to rebuild a franchise in the modern day NFL.It will take some time for the Raiders to get back some semblance of fiscal sanity. In the meantime Dennis Allen will have to get the most out of some promising but unproven names.

The most obvious change is going to be at quarterback. Carson Palmer is gone down to Arizona where he hopes to revive his career. In the meantime the Raiders are going to use Matt Flynn, hoping he can live up to the hype he had only a season ago. As you recall, Flynn was a highly sought after free agent when he went to Seattle, only to find himself behind the eight-ball again when Russell Wilson emerged as a phenomena. While Matt Flynn seems the likely starter, youngster Terrelle Pryor can’t be discounted. Flynn hasn’t done enough to be tabbed the definite starter and even if he wins the spot the current trend towards using a mobile quarterback with options might give Pryor some playing time.

Past that the Raiders offense will be run heavy with Darren McFadden. If McFadden can stay on the field. His career has been injury wrought and he has yet t live up to his billing. As for receivers, well, the Oakland Raiders really don’t have anyone to strike fear into the hearts of opposing cornerbacks. Denarius Moore has shown flashes but he’s way up and then way down. A pair of inexperienced Tight Ends and little depth make this a shaky squad.

Oakland plays in the AFC West and that means the Denver Broncos and everybody else. Between the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers there’s plenty of questions. Oakland will more than likely play out the string, wait for better fiscal times, and then make some moves. For now, playing fundamentally good football and not getting blown out would be a step in the right direction.


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