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by on August 31, 2013 updated August 31, 2013

This is a tough week in the NFL and in many cases for NFL ticket holders who watch their favorite players get the axe. In the next day or so you’ll see NFL teams cutting down their rosters and there’s almost assuredly going to be some big names in there. NFL scouts will also be scanning the wires to see if there’s a promising player or two that got pushed out just because of a numbers game.


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¬†Among the first casualties is Matt Lienart, released by the Buffalo Bills this week. Lienart, who came out of USC hailed as a savior, never did much of anything with the Arizona Cardinals and now he’s been too ineffective to make the Bills roster.

The Bills also made news by placing Kevin Kolb on injured reserve.

Kind of a sorry note to see Brian Banks cut by the Atlanta Falcons. Banks was a feel good story of a guy who spent time in jail, unjustly accused. He was released when his innocence was established and promptly went to work trying to recapture his football career. Banks could possibly make the practice squad so the dream isn’t dead yet.

Surprise! Looks like the Jets Geno Smith may get the chance to start his first NFL game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1. The injury to Mark Sanchez has opened the door to the 1st Round draft choice despite a very shaky pre-season. Jets fans are growing more and more agitated with Sanchez though, and may cut the rookie a little slack while he develops.

With anticipation growing over the status of RG3 and his ability to play the Washington Redskins opener, Dr. James Andrews got his two cents in by allegedly worrying about just how demanding the Redskins will be about Griffin playing his usual style of freelance football. But what’s RG3 without a little razzle dazzle?



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