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by on August 23, 2013 updated August 23, 2013

Time for me to throw out some really wild speculation about teams in the NFL based on absolutely nothing but pre-season games that have very little meaning.


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Detroit Lions – The Detroit Lions will be the best team in the NFC this season. What? You don’t believe that? Did you watch the Lions dismantle the New England Patriots last night. Obviously not. In a game that will heighten the hopes of Lions fans into the stratosphere Detroit took apart the Patriots 40-9 in Detroit. Reggie Bush looked very good catching the ball and creating action in the open field. Perhaps even more telling was the fact that the Lions managed to disrupt the offensive flow of New England, forcing for turnovers and giving Mathew Stafford some good field position. Obviously Detroit will be great in 2013 and the New England Patriots will suck.


Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens did fairly well against the obvious Super Bowl contending Carolina Panthers last night. They lost but hey it’s pre-season. Anyway, if there’s one little hitch in the ointment it’s that the Baltimore Ravens have to figure out a way to keep opposing teams from scoring more points than they do. Like maybe, not allowing long punt returns for touchdowns or maybe not giving up 70+ yard interception returns or maybe not fumbling the ball. That would be a good start. But that’s what happens when you line up against a team like the Panthers. You get stomped.

Seahawks vs Packers – Looking ahead this should be one of the more telling pre-season NFL games of the weeks. Green Bay has been pegged as the clear cut winner of the NFC North while Seattle is hailed as a contender in both the NFC West and the NFC in general. Two of the better teams in the NFL although I’d have to give the nod to the Seahawks as being generally deeper and stronger except at quarterback. But Russell Wilson is a star on the rise.



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