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by on November 12, 2013 updated November 12, 2013

It’s a little early to be picking our NFL ticket of the week so we’re just going to cast our eyes around the league and see what’s up. Not that I don’t already know which game is going to be my NFL ticket of the week. I certainly do and it may not be a very big surprise. The most anticipated matchup of the season is


NFL Football Tickets


 Over in Green Bay the Packers are awaiting the return of Aarron Rodgers with great anticipation. But right now his return date is uncertain. Green Bay needs him back desperately. Heart surgery behind him, Fox hopes to get back in the game by playoff time.

 Are the Dallas Cowboys an elite NFL team? Can they be an elite NFL team? Is Jerry Jones the modern day version of Al Davis? After Sunday’s complete bomb of a game against the New Orleans Saints where the Cowboys gave up 40 first downs on defense and failed to convert a single third down on offense, many are saying Dallas is finished. But remember this: The NFC East is really weak. Playoffs are still a possibility but getting past the 1st Round doesn’t look likely for the Cowboys.

 The Carolina Panthers are the hottest team in the NFC South, hotter than the Saints. Carolina plays well on the road also, something New Orleans is still struggling with. The Panthers and saints will meet twice in the next month, a home and away that will go a long ways towards deciding the division.

Is the Chiefs vs Broncos game in Mile High Stadium? If so, Dwayne Bowe will feel right at home in marijuana liberal Colorado. Reports are out that the wide receiver was arrested for speeding and possesion yesterday.


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