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by on August 21, 2013 updated August 22, 2013

Are the two best teams in the NFC located in the NFC West? This is a division that has risen to the top of the NFL in a few short years. What’s our reasoning in picking the Seattle Seahawks to win the NFC West?


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Seattle Seahawks – The Seattle Seahawks have everything going for them in 2013. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and they’ve added to their offensive versatility with Percy harvin. If Wilson avoids a sophomore slump you can expect to see the Seattle Seahawks deep into the playoffs. More importantly the Seahawks have momentum and a renewed focus on winning. Missing their chance last season only acts as motivation for a run to the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers – Why would the 49ers not be favorites in the NFC West. Didn’t they win an NFC Championship and go to the Super Bowl? Don’t they have a great defense, a volatile quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, a dynamic running back in Frank Gore? What’s not to like? here it is plain and simple. The San Francisco 49ers went to the Super Bowl last season. That fact alone makes it statistically difficult to get back to the Super Bowl. It’s not talent or scheme or players. It’s math.

St Louis Rams – The Rams are an interesting team no doubt. the regime change will make this a better NFL team in 2013. The bottom line is that Jeff Fisher just won’t have the talent he needs to compete against the Seahawks or 49ers. Will he be able to do it in a few years from now? That remains to be seen. In 2013? No.

Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals also should be improved just because they have a better quarterback. Better in this case means Arizona has a chance to be a team that puts up 6-8 wins in 2013. They have the same problem as the Rams, their opponents in the NFC West could be the two best teams in the NFL.


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