NFL Tickets – NFC Top 3 Contenders

by on December 22, 2011 updated December 22, 2011

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In the NFC the top NFL tickets in my estimation are these:

Green Bay Packers Tickets – The Packers are on an almost unbelievable winning spree, marred only by last week’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It remains to be seen as to whether the Chiefs found the formula to beating Green Bay or the absence of Jennings is going to play out in a huge way. But I can’t see the Packers falling apart. they’re just too deep.

New Orleans Saints TicketsSaints Tickets Helmet Winning in the NFL is dependent on good quarterback play. Sure, you can be a good team with a mediocre quarterback, but more than anything the man under center determines your fate. Drew Brees is playing as well as any quarterback ever has.

San Francisco 49ers Tickets – The 49ers are defying my previous rule. San Francisco wins on defense and running the ball, and turnovers. Turnovers are the #2 reason NFL teams win and the 49ers are getting them. Alex Smith won’t get the 49ers to the Super Bowl, it will have to be the defense but they show every sign of being able to do just that.

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