NFL Tickets – The NFC Lookover

by on October 11, 2013 updated October 11, 2013

Let’s look over the NFC and get an idea on which NFL tickets and teams are looking good by division. Bear in mind it’s early but we’re starting to get a handle on who may be postseason material and who’s going to be an also ran.


NFL Football Tickets


NFC East – Quite frankly this division sucks right now. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are on top and they’re both sitting at 2-3. Not good. This used to be a division that would produce a contender. Incredibly the New York Giants are 0-6.

NFC North – The Chicago Bears lead the pack at 4-2. The Detroit Lions are 3-2 and this could develop into a race at some point but no team in this division looks dominant. But watch out fo Green Bay. Their schedule looks very easy and they could make a run here in the next few weeks.

NFC South – The New Orleans saints are the class of this division and right now it looks like nobody can catch them. The Atlanta Falcons are struggling and Tampa Bay is a joke. Carolina is improving but still a long way off.

NFC West – The Seattle Seahawks lead the NFC West at 4-1 but they’ve just been proven to be beatable. But it’s not easy. Seattle will continue to win. The only question here is whether or not the 49ers can continue to roll and catch up with the Hawks.

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