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by on August 19, 2013 updated August 19, 2013

The NFC East always offers some interesting scenarios and the 2013 NFL season is no different.


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New York Giants – I think the Giants will be able to recover from their Super Bowl hangover and put together a winning 2013 NFL season. Having suffered through a miserable defensive season in 2012 I think the New York coaching staff will be hellbent on putting some imaginative and risky schemes on the field as well as trying to bring in some younger talent. Eli Manning and his crew will score enough points to get them to 10 or 11 wins.

Washington Redskins – It all hinges on how RG3 recovers and at this writing indications are that the Redskins quarterback will be on the field come opening day. That being said, how the season plays out depends heavily on Coach Shanahan keeping his man healthy. The Redskins aren’t very deep. Their starters are pretty god but Washington can’t stand too many injuries in key areas. Nevertheless, I have more confidence that Mike Shanahan can find a way to get it done than I do that the eagles and Cowboys will be as good as projected.

Philadelphia Eagles – Somehow or another I find myself believing that Chip Kelly can create some magic in the 2013 NFL season. Philadelphia’s 3rd place spot in my projections stems directly from my belief in the unconventional. Preseason reports have Michael Vick seemingly rejuvenated in a system built for his talents. Unfortunately the Philadelphia Eagles won’t be operating with much in the way of defensive talent for awhile so some games will get out of reach.

Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones still hasn’t found the magic road to the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys are investing heavily to get Tony Romo the talent to win a Super Bowl without….Tony Romo. Honestly, Dallas suffered from injuries last season, especially on defense. But there’s something missing from this team that’s kept them from reaching their potential for the last five years. I’m still not convinced they’ll find it in 2013.




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