NFL Tickets – NFC East is a Brewing Battle

by on November 19, 2009 updated November 19, 2009

 If there’s a topsy turvy division in the NFL it’s got to be the NFC East. It was all supposed to be so easy. The New York Giants ran out to 5-0 and looked like the class of the division. Meanwhile the Philadelphia Eagles struggled and so did the Dallas Cowboys. The Washington Redskins, well, not much expected and not much received.

 But now things are different. And no team in this division looks like a world beater. The Giants have now lost 4 straight and seem to have no soul. The Dallas Cowboys have talent but a schizo personality. The Philadelphia Eagles have been more consistent, except for a baffling loss to Oakland, but the fate of Brian Westbrook will play heavily into their future. In the NFC East, every team is vulnerable and every team has it’s weaknesses. The winner of this division will be the team that can rally, get back to basics, and play respectable football down the stretch. But make no mistake, every NFC East game from here on out will be a war.


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