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NFL tickets can bring a lot of things, hope, despair, and elation among them. But for the NFC East this season those same NFL tickets have delivered a ton of confusion. Who is hot and who’s not? It changes from week to week in this division.

It was only a few short weeks ago, like six, that the Washington Redskins were ready to hang it up and start playing for 2013, working on developing younger players and weeding out the has beens. A month and a half later the Redskins are leading the NFC East and poised to enter the playoffs as division champs, needing only a home stand win against the Dallas Cowboys to clinch the deal.

The Giants have taken a different route. When they blasted the New Orleans Saints, pundits pointed to a late season surge, similiar to the one that carried them to a Super Bowl last season. Since then they’ve been blown out by the Atlanta Falcons and this week they were humiliated by the Baltimore Ravens. The only question being asked right now is: What the hell is happening. The Giants have historically saved their best football for December and beyond. Not in 2012.

Then we have the mysterious Dallas Cowboys. This is a team that has become famous for the big game fade. Romo has been labeled a choker. Now the Cowboys have fallen to the 7-8 New Orleans Saints in an overtime loss in their own Cowboys Stadium. Which is good for general NFL fans because it sets up a showdown game in Washington next week. But for Cowboys fans it’s the ultimate nightmare. Beat the Redskins in Washington for an NFC East Championship. That’s not going to be easy. The Redskins have been the most consistent team in the NFC over that stretch and the Dallas defense has been getting burned like cheap spare ribs.

Week 17 in the NFL brings plenty of interest and nowhere is more interesting than the NFC East.

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