NFL Tickets – No News Good News?

by on March 2, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Well, the whole NFL labor relations thing has our NFL tickets in danger but I’m trying not to worry about it yet. After all the NFL season isn’t scheduled to start for awhile and we have yet to have the NFL draft. But it has to give you pause when you look at the big picture. Is it really necessary for these guys to be fighting like this? NFL owners are making tons of money, though they may deny it. Most players are making life changing money, though I will admit there’s a potential for problems down the line, especially for guys on the lower end of the NFL wage scale.

But all in all, I’m still optimistic that NFL tickets will be flying out of box offices right on schedule. It just defies my imagination to see there guys sitting on the sidelines. Although I did witness the last strike season first hand and have fond memories of John Fourcade leading the New Orleans Saints, I have no desire to do it again. I want Drew Brees under center.

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