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by on June 5, 2014 updated July 4, 2014

In my last blog, I threw out some ideas about the quarterback pay scale in the NFL and debated the issue of whether Colin Kaepernick was worth the kind of money being bandied about in the news. Not that I have any problem with Kaepernick. he’s a great quarterback and will probably get better. I’m just concerned with the concentration of money going to quarterbacks and it’s impact on the team as a whole. When one guy is getting almost 15% or better of your salary structure, it doesn’t leave a lot to work with on the rest of the team. In the NFL, quality players across the board win championships.


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I guess my ideas are all wrong. Reports are coming out that indicate the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick have agreed to a deal somewhere in the neighborhood of $110 to $120 million. Whoa.

In other news Michael Sam is still gay and still in the NFL. Get over it.

In a break with tradition the NFL will get away from using roman numerals for the Super Bowl. I’m good with this. I remember thinking of one Super Bowl as “Super Bowl ex-el-eye-vee” and I still can’t figure out what number that is. It’s just easier to do with familiar numbers and all the ancient Romans are dead anyway.

The NFL might need some painkillers for the owners. Hundreds of ex-NFL players are suing the league over the use of painkillers during their career. It’s really difficult to find a stance on this. How could you not know painkillers were bad for you? On the other hand, did the doctors working for the NFL explain all this? You know, like your friendly neighborhood pharmacist might? Nobody wins here.

The Dallas Cowboys continually draw plenty of attention. Mostly beause they fail to make the playoffs season after season. Troy Aikman just said in a recent interview that the Dallas Cowboys defense “Will be better.” Why? “They couldn’t possibly be as bad or worse than a year ago.” Man. In fairness let me put out the recent revival of another defense, that of the New Orleans Saints. Coincidentally, that revival, from a historically bad defense to a Top 5 NFL defense, came under the guidance of Rex Ryan……ex-Cowboys Defensive Coordinator.

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