NFL Tickets – New England with Peppers

by on March 19, 2009 updated March 19, 2009

 Can you imagine a New England Patriots defense with Julius Peppers rushing the opposing quarterback? It could happen. Apparantley Julius would like the chance to play for New england if possible. The Patriots are on the short list of teams Peppers has chosen, along with the Dallas Cowboys andpossibly the Denver Broncos.

My only argument with this is the fact that Peppers seem to perform when he has to. Two years ago his production dropped off to practically  nil. Along comes the last year of his contract and his stats go way up. I’ can’t deny the talent level but I question the motivation. Overall, a spot in New england, laden with the motivational aspects of the Patriots organization and the golden ring of a Super Bowl may make Julius Peppers reach for the stars. let’s see how it plays out.  


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