NFL Tickets – Negotiations still Spotty

by on February 11, 2011 updated February 11, 2011

NFL tickets have become the biggest sports tickets in the world. And as usual, when money is on the table, the big boys start to move in and muscle everyone out. I’ve been pretty quiet about this because I figured everything would work out. But right now, things don’t look good.

The NFL and the players have now cut off negotiation and left the table. The issues seem pretty clear to me. The owners have become fantastically rich in the NFL, with franchise exceeding a billion dollars in some cases. Nobody here is starving, And yet owners want a bigger piece of the pie. The players are fighting to keep what they have, which is about 60% of the take.

The problem is, management is crying that they aren’t making enough money. Yet they won’t open up the books to the players union. Something is fishy here. It seems to me if the owners are losing, they’d throw that out on the table right now. It’s a pretty strong argument for change when you can show in black and white where you’re falling short.

Will it get settled? I think so. We’re seeing a lot of posturing right now among NFL owners and players, but in the end this golden goose is just too tasty to kill. I wouldn’t worry too much about your NFL tickets falling by the wayside.

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