NFL Tickets – Manning, Leaf, Luck, Griffin, and the Sure Thing

by on April 1, 2012 updated April 1, 2012

Recent news always make me thing and in this case it’s recent news about ex-San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf’s latest run in with the law. According to reports Leaf is suspected of burglary, one more charge in a string brushed with the law since his retirement.
If you’ve been following the NFL for as many years as I have you remember the endless debates about whether Leaf or Manning was going to be the better quarterback. It seems almost laughable now but at the time it was as hot a topic as today’s Luck or Griffin debate. Both sets of quarterbacks were highly touted, both either seem or did seem to be sure fire successes in their pro careers. But Leaf bombed and Manning excelled.
Ten years from now we’ll know exactly how this whole Luck vs Griffin scenario plays out. In fact, I’m sure there are kids out there who’ll ignite just as much debate. For now we’ve got Griffin and Luck, and memories of Manning and Leaf. If there’s a lesson to be learned her it may be to be wary of the sure thing

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