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If you have to clean house and bring in a new staff, which the Kansas City Chiefs have been doing time and again, then bringing in Andy Reid is probably a good choice. At least Reid has a track record of success. The Chiefs dumped Romeo Crennel after his inability to pull it all together became apparent.

The new sheriff in town has his work cut out for him. The Chiefs have been an afterthought in the post-season for too many years to count. So where does a guy like Andy Reid go when he needs a cornerstone for his team? Why, he gets a quarterback of course. Matt Cassel was dumped and Alex Smith welcomed in a trade with San Francisco. To protect him Reid drafted Eric Fisher, a 6′-8″ tackle out of Central Michigan.

The good thing about Alex Smith is that he can be efficient. He won’t be spectacular but he’ll get the ball delivered and he won’t kill you with turnovers. When he was benched last season Smith had the highest completion percentage of any quarterback in the NFL. Jamall Charles will get plenty of work in the new system and he provides exactly what Smith needs in the backfield, a steady and productive runner.

Watch carefully for moves to improve the defensive line. Kansas City is way weak here and something needs to happen here. The linebackers, led by Justin Houston, are a good group and will be forced to provide plenty of run support and pass rush. The secondary is still in transition so it’s hard to predict how well they’ll play. Expect some growing pains while they learn to depend on each other.

After winning two games in 2012 the Kansas City Chiefs have plenty of room to get better. They have to get better. Despite his success in Philadelphia, Reid never brought home the big prize. He’s good. He’ll improve the team. But there are some who doubt he can build a Super Bowl winner.


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