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by on September 16, 2013 updated September 16, 2013

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Holy Smokes is that headline correct? Yes it and Kansas City Chiefs tickets may deal out one of the feel good stories of the 2013 NFL season. Right now the Chiefs are riding high.


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The Dallas Cowboys were pretty hyped up after beating the New York Giants last week and it was a good win. Digging a little deeper though and you might get the feeling that the Giants kind of gave it away with turnovers. Now along come the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith. If you’ve got a good memory you might recall that Smith was a solid quarterback before giving way to Colin Kaepernick and eventually ending up in KC. You might also remember that Smith was running with the highest completion percentage in the NFL when he got the boot.

That aspect of his game, the ability to work an offense without making mistakes that hurt his team, is probably the strongest part of the Alex Smith style. He won’t kill you with his running ability. He will stay in the pocket and deliver the football. He won’t run around in the backfield to create havoc. He will deliver the ball to the right receiver in the right place. Smith delivered 223 yards and two touchdowns and aided by a decent defense, helped his team pull off a 17-16 victory against the Dallas Cowboys. Smith can’t run did we say? He also was the game’s leading rusher with 57 yards.

Perhaps the biggest aspect of the Kansas City Chiefs game thus far is this: no turnovers. To beat the Chiefs you have to beat them yourself. Thus far they aren’t making the kind of mistakes that will help opponents. It’s an old NFL mantra. Win the turnover battle and you win the game most of the time. Andy Reid has put together a team that can force you to win and not give you the game. Right now it’s got the Kansas City Chiefs on top of the AFC West.


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