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by on January 10, 2014 updated January 10, 2014

 In comparing Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton you could get yourself into some trouble. To begin with, both quarterbacks are multiple weapon kind of guys, able to beat you with both their arm and their legs. Kaepernick has had the fortune of playing on a team that was well established when he arrived, taking over from Alex Smith. Cam Newton on the other hand, gave an immediate boost to a Carolina Panthers team that needed big time help. Newton was thrown into the fire and though he stumbled at times he’s vastly improved in his performance and demeanor in the last couple of seasons.

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 That having been said each quarterback is going to face some tough problems in the upcoming 49ers vs Panthers playoff game this weekend. Colin Kaepernick must face a Panthers defense that put a virtual lock on him the last time they met, holding him to season lows in receptions and yardage, while sacking him six times. Clearly, the Carolina Panthers were prepared to keep Colin Kaepernick in check. The challenge for Harbaugh and Kaepernick is protection and creating opportunity.

 Can Newton depends heavily on his running game. Once that run game is up and going he becomes much more effective. The problem is that the Carolina Panthers will have to establish a ground attack against a 49ers defense that is physical and opportunistic. This is going to be a brutal battle in the trenches but Carolina has the advantage of an extra week of rest. If the Panthers can keep it close in the fourth quarter, they can shock this 49ers team, a Super Bowl favorite with the media.

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