NFL Tickets in Europe

by on October 28, 2007 updated October 28, 2007

 It seems we’re entering a new era in football. The NFL is holding it’s first regular season game in London this week, featuring the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. While I had serious doubts about the venture, considering the demise of the junior league, it seems that Europeans do have a taste for NFL tickets. 86,000 seats were sold for this matchup in London’s Wembley Stadium.

While it seems the United States may be losing it’s hold on the gridiron, I still have my doubts. Soccer is so huge in Europe the NFL faces major competition. My belief is that American football faces rough going overseas. Soccer, while enjoyed by many ij the U.S., has yet to become a major force over here. The NFL faces a similiar situation in Europe. The novelty may sell tickets for a one time gig but on a weekly basis it’s going to a hard row to hoe. On the other hand, I once predicted that Milli Vanilli would be the next Rolling Stones.  


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