NFL Tickets – The Hits Keep Coming

by on September 20, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

 In the NFL, you hit. It seems to me to be next to impossible to remove hard hitting from the game of football. Especially the NFL. I understand the desire though, to remove the most brutal of hitting techniques, like leading with the helmet. In an age of multi-million dollar players, losing a guy to a premeditated and violent collision just doesn’t pay off. It’s also a cruel thing to ask young men to step onto an already dangerous field and be the target of head hunters.

 What I don’t understand is the reaction of Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith to the fining of cornerback Dunta Robinson for his direct helmet hit on Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin. Smith said “That’s the way we teach it.” If that’s the case then Smith should be willing to pony up the $40,000.00 Robisnson is going to have to fork over.

 Put your money where your mouth is, coach.

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