NFL Tickets – Halfway Home

by on November 8, 2012 updated November 8, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


The NFL season is halfway home and some fans with NFL tickets are halfway to a Super Bowl. let’s look at the leaders in divisions around the league and see who just might be the lucky few.

Atlanta Falcons – Gotta start off with the Falcons as they remain the only undefeated team in the NFL. Atlanta has the benefit of a smooth schedule from here on out but still must beat the Giants to go undefeated. They also must slay the playoff dragon.

 New York Giants – At 6-3 the Giants are right where they want to be: In position to make another strong run into the playoffs. This is a team that gets hot in the second half.

Chicago Bears – Leading the NFC North, the Bears are showing the importance of a good defense. They’ve caught some breaks along the way but the Packers are hot on their heels. It’s going to be neck and neck from here on out.

San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers have pretty much picked up where they left off last season. They’ll win the West and with that defense, they could win a lot more.

New England Patriots – New England is a mere game ahead of the surprising Miami Dolphins. This divisional race could end up in a surprising way.

Baltimore Ravens – If Baltimore can survive without key players on defense……wait. This team is built around defense. The question now becomes whether Joe Flaco and the offense can pick up the slack.

 Houston Texans – No surprises here. The Texans will win the AFC South. From there it’s the Texans Super Bowl berth to lose.

 Denver Broncos– Peyton manning is reaching his stride and the Broncos defense is playoff caliber. If there’s a team out there that can challenge the Texans, this may be it.

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