NFL Tickets – Green Bay Packers Cruising, Barking Dogs, and Manziel

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Packers Favorites for NFC #1 Seed


The Green Bay Packers look to be the class of the NFC at this point. If you watched their win over the Atlanta Falcons, at least their performance in the first half, you have some idea of just how deadly this team can be. Given the almost inevitable collapse of the Arizona Cardinals and the fact that Green Bay must play the lowly Buccaneers and Bills on the road before welcoming Detroit to close the season, it’s easy to see this team clinching the #1 seed in the playoffs. That means any team left would have to travel to Lambeau Field to meet a red hot Packers offense in the cold. That’s a good scenario for Green Bay and a welcoming invitation for any fan casting about for NFL tickets with some punch.

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 Barking Dogs

 Coming out of that same game I see the growing possibility that the Atlanta falcons could salvage at least some good things out of their season. Certainly their first half performance was miserable. Imagine though, what would have happened had Atlanta gotten Julio Jones rolling just a single quarter earlier. Yes, the Falcons are 5-8 but they still lead the NFC South. This division seems to be headed for a showdown in the Mercedes Superdome between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons for all the marbles. But wait, neither of theses squads should be deemed consistent. At best they are consistently inconsistent. This division is still wide open but I’m leaning towards the Falcons coming out on top after watching the Panthers destroy New Orleans on Sunday.

The Falcons as NFC South Champs would be the biggest barking dogs in the playoffs.

 Johnny Manziel the Great Unknown

 The Cleveland Browns have seemingly had enough of Brian Hoyer and his dismal play of late and now the cards are turning up Johnny Football starting this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. Manziel will bring two things to the table: An undeniable spark of possibility and the complete inexperience of a rookie NFL quarterback. While Johnny Football is an undeniable talent, or was in college anyway, he is still the Great Unknown in the NFL. Fasten your seat belts.



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