NFL Tickets – Giants at Panthers Preview – Let’s Pretend

by on September 20, 2012 updated September 20, 2012


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Since I’m constantly writing about NFL tickets, which are the best, which are available, and which NFL tickets carry the most bang for the buck, I thought it would be nice to take a look at this Thursday Night Game and pretend just for a minute,….hold on…that I actually know something. Ha! This should be interesting.

OK. Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of predictions. The Carolina Panthers will win this game by a narrow margin, probably something along the lines of 27-24. Now a list of points.

1) Carolina got their act together somewhat last week against the New Orleans Saints. yes, the Saints have the worst defense in the league but it’s a nice practice game for them. Cam Newton probably got a little ego boost from it and if things go halfway well early on he’ll probably keep it together for another week.

2) Historically the New York Giants are slow starters. In each of their recent Super Bowl seasons the Giants were ho-hum until something flipped a switch and they got hot.

3) Eli Manning is pretty much the exact opposite of Cam Newton. He isn’t going to keep plays alive with his running ability.He will however, slice and dice your defense if you give him even small increments of time. The Buccaneers managed to get good pressure on him last week in the first half and he threw three interceptions. The Panthers must maintain pressure the whole game.

4) Hakeem Nicks is out meaning Manning won’t have his most reliable receiver on the field at all.

5) On the Giants side I’ll say this: new York can rush the passer. If they can contain Newton in the pocket with good outside pressure they can get his dander up and rattle him. If that happens the game is theirs.

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