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by on September 26, 2013 updated September 26, 2013

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Our game of the week this go around features two teams that few expected to be in their current position. NFL ticket buyers are faced with predicting the fortunes of the team they follow in order to choose the best games to see. Unless of course you’re getting season tickets and seeing them all. (Wise choice). In this week’s NFL Game of the Week few NFL fans would have foresee the scenario of the New Orleans saints vs Miami Dolphins as being a matchup between two undefeated teams leading their respective division.

The Miami Dolphins have been on a down cycle without a winning season in over a decade. Last season’s 7-9 record brought hope and in 2013 the Dolphins have been rolling and currently stand at 3-0. Last week Ryan Tannehill engineered a perfect drive in under two minutes to beat the Atlanta Falcons. They’ve also beaten a very good Indianapolis Colts team despite Tannehill being under constant pressure and with little to no help from a running game.

Now the Dolphins will have to go into a hostile Mercedes Benz Superdome and take on the 3-0 New Orleans Saints. That means Drew Brees and the most prolific offense in the NFL over the last five years. Oddly enough though, it’s been the New Orleans defense that has played a major role in the Saints resurgence. In the season opener the Saints defense pulled out a gritty last stand success against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Last week they shut down Arizona, holding them to a single touchdown. A defense that was the worst in NFL history is now in the Top 5 in the NFL in 2013.

The Saints themselves are also suffering some offensive woes. Brees is also operating without much of a running game. Mark Ingram is being called out for being ineffective. Only Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas have worked in this offense and much of their contribution comes from short passes and screen plays. The New Orleans Saints, who came into 2013 pledging to run the ball more effectively, have done anything but.

NFL ticket holders could do a lot worse than Saints vs Dolphins tickets. It’s something NFL tickets do, they breed surprises each and every season. Miami is fighting to keep up with the Patriots, the Saints are fighting to stay ahead of the Falcons and grab back the NFC South crown. Saints vs Dolphins meets all the criteria for the NFL Ticket of the Week.

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