NFL Tickets – Flynn Flops, Pryor Prevails

by on September 3, 2013 updated September 3, 2013


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At the end of the 2011 season Matt Flynn was among the most sought after free agent quarterbacks around. he was coming off several seasons learning the ropes under Aaron Rodgers and made a huge impression in a game against Detroit, tossing five touchdowns. When the dust settled Flynn signed a deal with Seattle and went into camp looking like the ordained starter for the Seahawks. Then Russell Wilson came along and Flynn couldn’t beat him out.


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So, Flynn went to the Oakland Raiders where they desperately needed a quarterback who could help begin the revival Raiders fans have sought for so long. Alas, then came Terrelle Pryor. The Oakland raiders have announced that Pryor will be their starting quarterback in Week 1, leaving Flynn wondering again how things could have gone so wrong when it looked like he had a lock on becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Even those of us who have watched Flynn since he was a star at LSU are at a loss as to how this could happen. Matt Flynn appears to have all the physical tools needed to be a productive quarterback in the National Football League. He just always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Certainly, put in position with good talent around him, he can move an offense. It seems as if NFL teams are now looking for flash and mobility, ala RG3, from their starting quarterbacks in 2013. But there just aren’t that many out there. Pryor has possibilities. Flynn is the more traditional of the two and in the end, with the Oakland raiders looking to shake things up, traditional just wasn’t going to cut it.


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