NFL Tickets – Ex-Players in the News

by on July 19, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

OK, so how many times are we going to go over the NFL career of Pac Man Jones. Far from being out of the limelight, Pac Man is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time Jones is entering a not guilty plea in a disorderly conduct charge in Ohio. It seems to me the NFL lost a big time talent when this guy went down a road that leads nowhere good. Some people are born to be in the middle of a fray. Whether it’s bad luck, bad judgement, or simply fate remains to be seen. But if this guy could have stayed out of trouble he may have given Revis a run for his money. And that’s saying something.

Elsewhere, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was injured in a limo accident in Reno. Great town Reno. Seems like McMahon was a passenger in a vehicle that went off the road in an accident yet to be explained. No doubt Jim McMahon was one of my favorite quarterbacks, a guy who just went about his life with aplomb, and did what he wanted. Yes, there was the New Orleans incident but I don’t care about that. A guy who could play football in the NFL with the reckless abandon of Jim McMahon is OK in my book, and his Super Bowl win in New Orleans is something I remember well.

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