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by on April 18, 2014 updated July 8, 2014

The NFL Draft is soon upon us. So, we might as well start guessing which players are going where. I’m too lazy to do the whole NFL so I’ll just muse over the first few picks in this NFL Draft, maybe 10. Maybe not.


NFL Football Tickets


Houston Texans – The Texans need a quarterback. So the decision really boils down to Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel. I think Bortles fits the mold better but don’t be surprised if the Texans go for a home state hero. My pick? Blake Bortles to the Houston Texans with the first pick.

St. Louis Rams – The Rams need help on their offensive line. It’s not a flashy pick but a pick that could pay dividends for a long time and solidify the line. Greg Robinson of Auburn becomes a Ram

Buffalo Bills – Jadeveon Clowney, despite the questions around him, has too much potential for this ailing franchise to pass over.

Cleveland Browns – Manziel gets his shot. This franchise needs a focal point and an upgrade at quarterback and Manziel might give them that. At the very least he will sell tickets.

Oakland Raiders – The Raiders are in need of any kind of help in the passing game. They’ve added Matt Schaub so they’ll pick someone on the other end of those passes. I say that someone will be Mike Evans of Texas A&M.

Atlanta Falcons – Is Matt Ryan the winning quarterback we all though he was? The Falcons think so. They’ll want to protect him better and Atlanta will go with Jake Mathews, offensive tackle out of A&M to make that happen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A new coach, new management, and everything is unpredictable. I’m guessing the Bucs like Sammy Watkins, wide receiver out of Clemson.

Minnesota Vikings – Still need a quarterback. With Manziel and Bortles out of the picture, Teddy Bridgewater will get his shot.


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