NFL Tickets – Eagles Tickets Ready to Fly

by on September 3, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Well, I guess Philadelphia Eagles tickets are ready to fly. After all they’ve got the quarterback of the hour all signed and ready to go. And they spent the offseason pulling rabbits out of the hat in terms of free agents. The Philadelphia Eagles also have one of the more stable franchises in the NFL, with a head coach that’s found a way to hang in there for a decade or so. Continuity can play a big role in NFL success.

But will  Philadelphia Eagles tickets finally lead Eagles fans into the promised land of a Super Bowl? It’s a distinct possibility. On offense, besides the rejuvenated Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles carry a wideout thatpresents problems in Jeremy Maclin, a possession guy in Jason Avent, a steady running game with Jackson, and enough emerging players to give some fantasy football fans fits.

Toss in a massive free agent buildup of the defense and Philadelphia Eagles tickets are looking pretty good right now in terms of post-season success. The Vegas oddsmakers jumped on the bandwagon anyway, after watching the Eagles add cornerbacks Asomugha and Rogers-Cromartie to the roster. The Philadelphia Eagles are now at 6-1, right up there with the Patriots and defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. But watch out if these Eagles don’t prevail, Andy Reid has the tools and has to come through or join the unemployed.

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