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by on November 3, 2013 updated November 3, 2013

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OK, how does this happen? The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t scored a touchdown in the prior two weeks before Sunday. The vaunted Oregon offense just hasn’t worked in the NFL. At the very least it hasn’t lived up to it’s reputation.


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 Then come the Oakland Raiders and Eagle’s quarterback Nick Foles, just returning from injury, totally victimizes the Raiders defense for seven touchdowns. Yes, seven touchdowns. Is Foles that sharp or do the Raiders just suck that badly? Foles completed 22 passes out of 28 and yes, better than one fourth of those completed passes were for touchdowns. That’s gotta be a record. An NFL record eight touchdowns was within his grasp but Foles was replaced by Matt Barkley.

 So, with Foles getting his shot because Micael Vick is injured, it’s going to be pretty tough to get him out of there. How do you pull a guy who ignites that kind of production in the NFL? First of all, don’t hold your breath for this to happen again anytime soon. But Foles has thrown a big kink in any plans to get Vick back on the field and he may have actually written his ticket out of there. Vick is older and a shadow of his former self. Foles is young and will probably get better. Not better than today of course but better overall.


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