NFL Tickets – Down and Out

by on December 18, 2012 updated December 18, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets can mean joy or heartbreak. While we all love winners, and spend most of our time paying attention to them, there are just as many losers in the NFL as there are winners. let’s take a minute to look around the NFL and see what we can learn from these lovable louts.


New York Jets – The Jets are in total chaos, with a quarterback speeding down the slope of failure. They’ve also got a quarterback with plenty of fans but no opportunity. Rex Ryan has pretty well lost his grip on this team and will be history after this season. Anything else would send Jets ticket holders into a frenzy.

New Orleans Saints – While all is far from lost in the Crescent City, the Saints are a glaring example of how one intuitive and daring coach can alter the fortunes of a franchise. The New Orleans Saints are losers in 2012, big time losers, but don’t be surprised to see a huge reversal in 2013.

Arizona Cardinals – Once again the Cardinals are playing the “Find a quarterback” game. They thought they had one, like they have every season for the past few years, but there isn’t one on this roster. Is there hope for the Cardinals? Not much.

Philadelphia Eagles – Two years ago when Philadelphia played the free agent market they were deemed Super Bowl bound. Now the entire coaching staff and Michael Vick are outbound.

Detroit Lions – How have the Lions fallen so fast? From 0-16 to a playoff contender to the cellar. It all happened so quickly. No discipline, no intelligent play, no fight in a team with good talent. Another franchise that could be playing Head Coach Roulette.

Jacksonville Jaguars – A huge rebuilding project underway with no tangible results just yet.

Kansas City Chiefs– I’m surprised that KC hasn’t done at least marginally better in 2012. A season that began with good reason for optimism has turned into a nightmare.

Oakland Raiders – This is a franchise still reeling from the dementia of Al Davis and now run by Son of Dementia. No relief in sight for suffering Raiders fans.

Cleveland Browns – Cleveland at least has some good things ahead of it. A potential NFL quarterback and a very good running back just need more talent in the line and in the receiver set to make good things happen. Up and coming losers anyway.


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