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by on April 10, 2014 updated April 10, 2014


NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets, looming on the horizon, are beginning to be affected by the free agent moves and draft interest and manufactured speculation. Who wouldn’t be thinking about Houston Texans tickets if they decide to take Johnny Manziel? If that happens NFL tickets in Houston will undergo a rebirth after a painful season. Roger Staubach has weighed in, and who wouldn’t his opinion, saying that he would take manziel over Clowney. Of course he would. Roger Staubach was a quarterback.

 Likewise, the news can be bad. A disturbing report out of Miami, alleges some vague accusations around Colin Kaepernick. The report is so vague and so muddled and at this point unconfirmed that it hardly rates news. Yet news it is. The basic facts….let’s not call them facts let’s call the nothing but rumors, completely unsubstantiated, is that Kaepernick is somehow tied to an incident in which a woman may or may not have been drugged and may or may not have been naked in a hotel room. there have been no charges filed or even solid accusations made. but speculation is laready ramant as to how this may affect the San Francisco 49ers in the 2014 NFL season. Why don’t we wait and see if this even amounts to anything?

 In an example of outrageous speculation, much is being made of the absence of Ndamukong Suh from voluntary workouts in Detroit. Emphasis on VOLUNTARY. That means a player is not REQUIRED to be there. Suh has missed voluntary workouts before and he’s always showed up for camp in good shape. Let it go.



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