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The Detroit Lions should be better than this. While the spectre of their worst season is fading into the past the reality of their recent performances still lingers. Two season ago the Lions appeared to be on the verge of a breakthrough. A 4-12 2012 NFL season has brought reality crashing back. But remember, this is the modern day NFL and rags to riches stories abound. One need only look to the NFC West to understand how quickly things change.

So the Lions knew things had to change. While Head cOach Jim Schwartz is still there after a 22-42 run, some other elements were replaced. The Lions have a new GM and some of the assistant coaches are new. The question is whether the Detroit Lions were a machine that just needed a little tinkering or whether Lions ticket holders need a complete rebuild to get their franchise back on track.

On paper the Detroit Lions have made some pretty good moves. After all, they’ve got some building blocks already in place. Quarterback Mathew Stafford is a quality NFL talent. Knowing that, moves have been made to give Stafford more weapons in his arsenal. Reggie Bush is the biggest addition. Bush is versatile player well accustomed to catching the ball out of the backfield. He’ll work in multiple formations and as both a receiver and running back. Hopefully that will give the Lions best receiver, Calvin Johnson, the chance to improve on his already Pro Bowl caliber play. Hovering over it all is the ghost of an offensive line with major changes. How well the Lions can protect Stafford and block for Bush will be a big part of making this system work.

Think Lions defense and you’re thinking defensive line, where it all begins. The big names are right up front and Detroit has one of the better fronts in the NFL with Nsamukong Suh and Nick Fairley manning the middle. What happens once you get past that is an open question. The Lions signed safety Glover Quinn and drafted cornerback Darius Slay in an attempt to get better on the back end.

The Detroit Lions are faced with a milestone 2013 NFL season. If Jim Schwartz wants to stay in the Motor City the Lions will have to win 10 games and challenge for a playoff spot. That’s a tough task in the NFC North.

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