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by on August 1, 2013 updated August 1, 2013

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The Denver Broncos suffered one of the worst collapses of an NFL team in their playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens. But make no mistake this Broncos squad is ready for another try at a Super Bowl and they could very well make it. Which is something you earn. And something you plan for. It doesn’t just happen.

The Broncos did some excellent planning in the offseason and came away with an improved roster. To begin with, Denver signed the highly coveted Wes Welker when he was spurned by the Patriots. Welker is in his prime and he’s now aligned himself with another future Hall of fame quarterback. Some guys just have the knack. When you have a quarterback like Manning it’s easy to forget your ground game. The Broncos didn’t forget. They drafted Montee Ball of Wisconsin to tote the pigskin. Ball gives the Broncos a legit threat as a running back. Denver also used big money to lure Louis Vasquez from San Diego to help protect their quarterback. Finally, to boost the middle of the line the Broncos tabbed Sylvester Williams in the draft, giving them a #1 pick to solidify the middle of the defensive line and a #2 pick to boost their offense right away.

You would think it would end there but it doesn’t. The defense also will feature Dominique Rogers-Cromarty, who was signed for a season and the line gets Shaun Philips, perhaps a gamble but an understandable one. Philips will be looking to revive his career and has plenty of motivation.

The Denver Broncos have everything in place for a Super Bowl push. The feeling is that Peyton Manning still has a few great years left. he’s been given the talent on offense. If the defense holds up their end the Broncos can contend for  super Bowl in 2013. It’s not a given but there’s not much else that could be done to improve this roster.


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