NFL Tickets – Deal or No Deal? Cha-Ching

by on June 11, 2014 updated July 4, 2014

What sells NFL Tickets? A multitude of things. One of those things is quarterback play. A quarterback can make or break a team and in an NFL increasing turning toward a passing attack, having an elite quarterback is a must. So, when Colin Kaepernick inked his deal with the San Francisco 49ers the deal itself was announced with much fanfare. Figures as high as $124 million were being bandied about.


NFL Football Tickets


In an earlier article you can find here I questioned the wisdom of mega-deals with the feeling that quarterbacks were eating up so much salary space that NFL teams were having a hard time keeping quality players and depth of the rest of the team. The fans that buy NFL tickets want complete teams, not just an elite quarterback surrounded by less than stellar talent.

So, how does the Kaepernick deal effect the 49ers? Surprisingly enough this a great deal for San Francisco. It also reflects some consideration of Kaepernicks part for the team as a whole. Basically, the deal allows the 49ers to walk away from huge chunks of the “guaranteed” money if they cut him. That’s very unusual. Look at the deals Peyton manning and Drew Brees signed. They’re going to get their money come hell or high water. What Kaepernick has is a deal that will pay him good money, but maybe not top tier money, as long as he stays healthy and performs.

While some say this isn’t a good deal I say it could turn out to be a great deal for both sides. Assume the San Francisco 49ers are able to maintain a high level of talent. Assume they surround Kaepernick with enough players to get them back to a Super Bowl and contend annually. Kaepernick could easily become the next Peyton Manning style endorsement king. If you think Manning doesn’t make big bucks from that aspect think again. A Lombardi Trophy with Colin Kaepernick holding it would make the cash register ring. Cha-ching.



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