NFL Tickets – Back From the Dead

by on April 27, 2011 updated April 27, 2011

NFL tickets, which looked doomed to obscurity just a few short weeks ago, got a breath of life the other day and it came from the legal system that place where all good things go to die. It’s not often that we can look to judges and lawyers to bring solid and reasonable thinking into our lives, but yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Any way the judge has lifted the lockout after a fashion. It’s not really a great breakthrough though as most NFL teams are only operating under a kind of half-open for business theme. Many NFL players who showed up at the facility were treated like intruders, not allowed to work out, and many were asked to leave. It’s kind of like the Civil War where the two sides would take a break, heat up some coffee, and shout insults at one another across the battlefield.

But it is a big win for the players and if anything, it puts the onus on the owners to give in and get a deal done. It’s just a baby step in the right direction, but anything that puts our NFL tickets back into the realm of possibility is a good thing. Let’s hope this ruling, which strongly encouraged the resumption of negotiations, accomplishes a settlement for at least 2011, which looks like the most likely scenario.

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