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by on May 20, 2015 updated May 20, 2015

The 2014 NFL season saw real evidence that the Dallas Cowboys are poised to do some good things in the foreseeable future. For the first time, Tony Romo and his Cowboys actually won a playoff game and there was no late season fiasco to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of Cowboys ticket holders. To the surprise of many, the Cowboys started the 2015 NFL season with some solid moves that should help the franchise over the next few years, possibly pushing them back into the perennial playoff team world.

It didn’t start well though, as DeMarco Murray left town, chasing a bigger contract than Dallas was able to offer. Let’s get real here though, Murray was the biggest beneficiary of a very very good offensive line and any running back of good talent will be effective behind that same line. So, a loss probably, but not a tremendous loss.

Then Jerry Jones signed Greg Hardy only to have him suspended by the NFL for 10 games. A typical Cowboys stumble? Maybe. But Hardy could come back in the later part of the season with fresh legs and give the Cowboys defense some pumped up juice into the post-season so while having Hardy around all season would be better, having him fresh in a crucial time might be just as good.

Then came the Cowboys draft in which they signed Byron Jones, a cornerback who should be a fine addition to the Cowboys either at corner or very possibly safety. Randy Gregory fell to Dallas  and if he keeps his head on straight he’ll be productive early. Finally, as if their offensive line wasn’t good enough, Dallas managed to sign La’el Collins of LSU, a projected 1st Round offensive lineman who wasn’t drafted due to legal problems. That’s a good haul.

The final proof that things are looking good was the signing of Jason Garrett to a five year extension on his contract. If Jones didn’t have total faith that things are looking up, that wouldn’t have happened. All in all, Dallas Cowboys tickets have a lot going for them, a situation the NFL loves and every other team hates.


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