NFL Tickets – Colts QB Woes Continue

by on October 26, 2011 updated October 26, 2011

If anyone has enjoyed their NFL tickets over the past decade it’s Indianapolis Colts fans. But just as NFL tickets rise in popularity, so NFL tickets can fall hard. For the Colts that fall is in 2011 and it hinges on the loss of quarterback Peyton Manning. Since his injury has kept him out, the Colts are now 0-7 and reeling. Furthermore, when Indianapolis went out and got Kerry Collins, hoping for a veteran to do a serviceable job, he got injured and is now on IR with a concussion.

The perfect storm has left the Colts staggered, bruised, and bloodied and some are now calling for tanking on the rest of the season to be frontrunners in the Andrew Luck lottery. Far be it from me to suggest a course of action so horrendous as losing the rest of their games, but the Colts may be better off doing so. That won’t go over well with the NFL though if it becomes obvious that’s what going on.

Quite a dilemna. Can the NFL risk alienating fans with an obvious tank job? Protecting the integrity of NFL tickets is Job One at NFL headquarters. We’ll have to wait and see what happens but don’t be surprised to see the Indianapolis Colts becoming the second team in history to go 0-16.

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